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Poker - a simple and exciting game.

A player parlays on ANTE and gets 5 cards. A dealer takes 5 cards as well, and the last card is turned up. After that the player decides whether he should play or not.

If the player decides to continue the game, he is obliged to put his card in BET position on the table, and his bet on the top of them, where the bet must be equal to a double bet on ANTE.

When all the players have decided whether they should play or not, Dealer flips his 4 cards and checks whether there is gambling combination in his cards.
All combinations in this game are based on standard Poker rules.
It is considered that the dealer has a game, if there is a combination "Ace - King" or higher in his cards.

If a dealer does not have a game rate on ANTE of players one to one is paid only. Then game is closed, cards to be returned to the dealer.

If a dealer has a game, all winning rates on ANTE are paid 1:1, and rates on BET are paid in accordance with the table of payments depending on the type of winning combination.

For example, if a Dealer has a combination THREE IDENTICAL CARDS, all combinations that are higher are paid in accordance with the table of payments (but not more than a maximum, set by the casino). Any combinations that are below (for example, TWO PAIR), than a Dealer has, then the Player loses rates both on ANTE and on BET.